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Fintech Boost is a 4 month intensive acceleration program that connect Fintech Start-ups directly with business lines of BNP Paribas Group.
For Start-ups it is the best chance to make it work with European Leading Bank and the opportunity to boost their business development in a short time frame.
It is a great opportunity to meet experts from finance and insurance industry and benefit from advisory of 100% committed former entrepreneurs.
We have two objectives : build a trustfull relationship between startups and BNP Paribas and help startups become more powerful on their market.

We are waiting for you to begin the hard work!





Each startups will be paired up with a corporate, supported by top management sponsors, to collaborate on a concrete experimentation.

Up to 100k€ in seed money

We can invest up to 100k€ (convertible bonds) to help you focus on execution during the program.

Coaching & Mentorship

Our business advisors will help you with your specific issues on a variety of subjects: business, marketing, fund-raising, technology, compliance, legal...

Powerful network

You will have access to the best investors, partners, experts and entrepreneurs from BNP Paribas’s powerful ecosystem.

Free Office Space 

Office space will be at your disposal at WAI Paris, BNP Paribas’s innovation hub located in the heart of Paris.

Startup pack

Startups will benefit from a set of plug and play tools and services provided by BNP Paribas and its technological partners.



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ALM Treasury is a Transversal Activity, present throughout the Group, which manages the liquidity, interest rate and foreign exchange risks of the Bank's balance sheet, including its implementation on the financial markets.

Innovation need

We are facing many challenges for decision making: the indicators are sourced from different solutions basing their output on different data quality and timestamp. We expect solutions that provides Treasurers with timely, complete, and accurate data and metrics.
The tool(s) would consist of a reporting layer capable of sourcing its data from the bank’s golden sources, data hubs as well as interacting with calculation Engines. The data consumed by the tool is expected not to be persistent but to be synchronized with Golden sources, the output would include, but would not be limited to, management indicators, historical analytics, and reporting metrics.
Emmanuelle Bury
COO ALM Treasury

#Insurance as a service







BNP Paribas Cardif is the Life, Property & Casualty insurance subsidiary of BNP Paribas. Founded more than 40 years ago, the insurance subsidiary of BNP Paribas has become a global specialist in personal and property insurance, with a presence in 35 countries across Europe, Asia and Latin America.
One mission : we insure people and what is dear to them. BNP Paribas Cardif markets products and services in savings and protection via multiple partners.
One ambition : be the global benchmark for insurance partnerships and the leading provider of personal insurance solutions.
Two activities with a broad product range:  Protection: Covers individuals (health insurance, property & casualty insurance, involuntary unemployment, etc.) and also protects budgets, income and credit cards. Epargne : Unit-linked life insurance contracts, diversified asset contracts, capital protected products, to let people grow their savings, plan for retirement, etc.
An innovative business model based on partnership: our products are distributed through a network of partners, internal and external to the Group. A very close cooperation is developed over the years and strong relationships are based on mutual confidence. Solutions are seamlessly integrated with their sales processes and perfectly matched to the needs and expectations of clients. A company of 8,000 employees (headcount for legal entities controlled by BNP Paribas Cardif), including 58% out of France.

Innovation need

We are looking for solutions that can help BNP Paribas Cardif deliver efficient and seamless experiences to our clients. We are mainly interested in solutions that could help prevent risks to occur, reduce their impact in case they occur and fasten our decision making processes.
We would also like to hear about innovations related to developping more inclusive value propositions, such as micro-insurance for instance, as well as helping us making BNP Paribas Cardif a compelling place to work for their employees.
Nathalie Doré
Chief Digital and Acceleration Officer
Thibaut Schlaeppi
Head of Startup relations & investments






For more than 70 years, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions helps companies to expand their business capabilities by offering tailored leasing and finance solutions for their professional equipment.
Positioned at the heart of the usage economy, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions allows businesses to remain competitive and to grow in a responsible way. With almost €29.2 billion of outstanding under management, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is a European leader in equipment finance and its 3,000 employees are strongly committed to deliver a high standard quality of service, based on 5 commitments: expertise, simplicity, responsiveness, innovation, responsibility.
Thanks to its global approach and its local coverage, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is able to support its clients and partners’ business development in 21 countries: directly in Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and through the BNP Paribas Group’s entities in Algeria, Gabon, Ivory Coast, the USA, Luxembourg, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia.

Innovation need

We are developing a new Fleet Management offering for key accounts, enabling them to manage and optimize their fleet of rolling industrial equipment (Trucks & construction equipment). In this context, we are looking for technical partners / solutions to develop a "Fleet Reporting platform" and a "Workshop web portal".
1- The Fleet Reporting platform will enable BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions customers to proactively manage their fleet of industrial equipment. It will integrate the basic needs of Fleet Management, as well as reporting and data analysis (internal & external data, real-time data), KPI’s and transactional processes with BPLS.
2- Workshop web portal will aim at managing and optimizing processes with our service providers (dealers network) (repair authorization process…).
Philippe Lambert
Global Head of Transport Division





BNP Paribas Securities Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BNP Paribas Group, is a leading global custodian and securities services provider backed by the strength of the BNP Paribas Group. It provides multi asset post trade and asset servicing solutions for institutional participants in the investment cycle, from the buy-side and sell-side to corporates and issuers. Covering over 100 markets, offices in 34 countries, the BNP Paribas network is one of the most extensive in the industry. They bring together local insight and a global network to enable clients to maximize their market and investment opportunities worldwide.

Innovation need

We are looking for solutions in the following fields:
1- Regtech technologies
- Regulatory reporting: how can we aggregate data to produce on demand reportings
- Knowledge management: how can we read, screen and extract digest from regulatory documents
2- New services for ETF players
We would also be interested in building partnerships with startup that are developing solutions dedicated to ETF players (i.e Blockchain market place, trading automation…)
3- Collateral management automation
We are also keen on developing partnerships with startups focused on OTC collateral management.
Jean Devambez
GLobal Head of Products
& Services BNP Paribas Securities Services





The BNP Paribas Group is organised around 2 main activities: Retail Banking & Services and Corporate & Institutional Banking. These activities are supported by Group functions.
Corporate Real Estate Services is the transversal function which provide the Group's businesses and functions with facilities enabling them to operate in the best possible conditions. We want to collect and analyze datas on the occupancy of our buildings and provide users with a service portal that enhances their experience.

Innovation need

We are searching for innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency in our buildings. We are particularly interested in solutions designed around the end user, and how we can encourage the occupant of a building to become a key actor of energy savings.
Serge Bourhis
Head of Technical Department
Corporate Real Estate Services






The French Retail Banking has more than 28,000 employees serving more than 7 million individual, professional and corporate customers. It is a leader in the Corporate and Private Banking market and offers a wide range of products and services, from current account handling to the most expert structuration in corporate finance and wealth management. French Retail Banking welcomes its clients in its 2,000 branches and 300 clusters of expertise: Private Banking, Maisons des Entrepreneurs, Innovation Poles and Business Centers.
BNP Paribas launched in May 2013 the first digital bank natively designed for mobile use: Hello bank!. This new range of customer relations has supplemented the online banking system and the 6,000 automated machines made available to its private and professional customers.

Innovation need

As part of a major transformation project for Retail Banking network, We are looking for differentiating services, enriching our core banking offer and expertise:
- helping merchants, entrepreneurs & small size companies to boost their business
- or facilitating daily life of our clients
Any other product or service making our client's life easier and that could be implemented in our branches would be studied with interest.
Sophie HAMON
Project Director / Branch
Network Transformation






RISK is an integrated and independent function. RISK mission is:
- To advise the Bank on risk appetite definition
- To contribute as an objective “second pair of eyes” that risks taken on by the Bank align with its policies
- To report and alert Bank Management of the status of risks to which the Bank is exposed
- To contribute to the development and growth of the risk culture within the Group
RISK perimeter encompasses: credit and counterparty risk, market risk, funding and liquidity risk, interest rate and FX risk of the Banking book, insurance risk and operational risk.

Innovation need

RISK function is interested in 3 different domains:
Cyber security
1- Cyber ratings, startups dedicated to cyber security assessment
2- Quantum cryptography or cryptography in a quantum age
3- Blockchain security
Anti Fraud
Any tools that could help us improve our Corporate and SME related loan fraud detection capabilities of (e.g. financial statement manipulation grade index within rating assignment, statistical approach of P/L B/S figures (Benford’s Law, Beneish Model).

We are interested in innovative ways to determine:
1/ red flags (of fraud) when onboarding new customers
2/ early warning signals (of fraud) with established customers
We expect to best leverage on all relevant communication means existing within the Group and the function, with the objective to centralise and rationalise information exchanges and reduce as much as possible emails and paper.

The solution could consist of having a virtual assistant for our communication (email/chat/forum/ meeting…) leading to effective information management through the prioritisation/classification of our communications, identification of the relevant information to be pushed to the addressees, a smart task assignment and monitoring, the selection of relevant news, reports, publications... likely to be of interest, etc.
JULIEN Cuminet
COO BNP Paribas Risk








Hello bank! is the first 100% mobile European bank. Launched by BNP Paribas in Germany, Belgium, France and Italy in 2013 and in Austria in 2015, Hello bank! offers a radically new experience. Hello bank! offers its customers four major advantages: a simple experience designed from the outset for mobile and tablets, a "smart" and complete offer, including a free credit card and no account management fees, a Hello Team available to its customers. customers with extended hours, solidity ensured by the backing of Hello bank! to the BNP Paribas Group.

Innovation need

Hello bank! has been designed to meet the expectations of users looking for RAPIDITY, SIMPLICITY, and ALWAYS connected on their mobile and on the web, Hello bank! is a new approach to the bank aiming at offering our clients financial convenience. We are keen on building partnerships with startups who are designing simple, cool and exiting products and services in tune with the times for young active people (25-35), freelancers and self-employed who want a super secure and mobile service.
caroline lehericey
Head of Hello bank! France

Surprise us !

If you are an amazing AI or fintech startup not directly linked to the business lines or topics mentioned above, try your luck !
At L'Atelier BNP Paribas we would be happy to welcome you as a "Coup de coeur", and try during the 4 months to connect you with the relevant people on the business lines.

multiple benefits

BUSINESS accelerator

We are focus on business impact. Our goals are to help you grow your business in a sustainable way. We will make all our effort to get you through the collaboration with BNP Paribas in a short time frame so that you don't waste your time.

OperationnAl Mentoring

Our mentoring is exclusively done by former entrepreneurs, 100% committed with a real operational background. That mean that they will get their hands dirty if necessary!


Fintech Boost is the best way to get access to the right people within BNP Paribas. It is moreover a unique opportunity to grab attention from our group and make it work.



We are entrepreneurs, we understand founders, love startups. We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty.

Rémi Barbe

Rémi Barbe

CTO in residence

  • 2x Entrepreneur & CTO (7+ years)
  • 10+ years in Engineering and Innovation
  • Graduated from Telecom ParisTech & HEC Paris
Maud Pretot

Maud Pretot

Program Manager

  • 10+ years in entrepreneurship and partnerships projects management (100.000 entrepreneurs)
  • Graduated in Political Science from Pantheon-Sorbonne University
Matthieu Lavergne

Matthieu Lavergne

CEO in residence

  • 2x Entrepreneur & CEO (7+ years)
  • Worked in the digital industry since he graduated from HEC Paris in 2010
  • Co-author of the first french book on 3D printing
Marylène Groult

Marylène Groult

Program Manager

  • 2+ years in Fintech Innovation management with 20 Startups/BNP Paribas businesses collaboration projects
  • 8 years in communication and partnerships projects management
Emmanuel Touboul

Emmanuel Touboul

Head of Acceleration

  • 10+ years in corporate developments
  • CEO of a web startup for 4 years
  • Strategy & management consultant for 5 years 
  • Business Dev initial experiences
Edouard de Menibus

Edouard de Menibus

CEO in residence

  • 10+ years in digital business
  • CEO of a tech startup for 5 years
  • Strategy & management consultant for 7 years 
Amin Bouhassoune

Amin Bouhassoune

Growth Hacker in residence

  • Student in webmarketing
  • Wagon’s alumni
  • 3 years in institutional communication

Office Space

free office space in the heart of Paris


THEY have been happily trough the program

Vincent Marty-Lavauzelle

Today, startups are looking for either hosting, or funding, or business opportunities. L’Atelier’s acceleration program addresses all of these issues.

Vincent Marty-Lavauzelle
CEO @ Paycar